Kitty Boitnott, Ph.D., NBCT, RScPis the founder and owner of Boitnott Coaching, LLC TeachersInTransition.com and TimeOut4Teacher.com

Kitty is dedicated to offering professional and personal coaching services to teacher leaders; teachers in distress; and teachers in transition and at a career crossroads. Kitty also works with mid-career professionals who find themselves looking for work.

In addition to individual and group coaching services, Kitty offers a workshop on stress management geared toward educators and the specific stresses that they face each day. She is also a public speaker and presenter who has spoken to hundreds of librarians, teachers, and members of the general public on the issue of stress management.

Kitty’s coaching clients experience transformational transitions that go beyond just professional growth–they experience personal insights and professional growth as they learn to listen to their own inner wisdom. Kitty helps her clients tune into their personal dreams and gives them space to create the professional and personal futures that they long for and deserve to have. She also offers her clients opportunities to explore their professional options as some have come to view teaching as a job that no longer offers joy or professional fulfillment.

For an excerpt from one of her workshops, watch here:

Kitty created Boitnott Coaching, LLC because she is keenly aware of the fact that teachers in the United States—in every state in the nation—are feeling bombarded by negative rhetoric, are dealing with stagnant salaries, are working in deteriorating environments, are struggling with diminishing respect in the community and from their students, and they are either looking to improve their leadership skills so they can stay and exert greater impact in their current assignment or leave and need to explore their options. Kitty also recognizes that about 50% of the current education workforce is fast approaching retirement, and yet they are not going to want to quit working so they need to consider how to re-tool and reinvent themselves for the next phase of their lives.

As the Immediate Past President of the Virginia Education Association (2008-2012) Kitty understands that teacher leaders are not necessarily those who have chosen to follow the administrative track in their careers. The teacher leaders she seeks to assist with leadership development coaching and mentoring are those who feel that their ultimate calling demands that they stay in the classroom and advocate for their profession and their students from that position. They may feel helpless or disempowered in the face of the many challenges that they are facing, but they do not need to feel that way. Kitty has a proven record as a leader at the local, state, and national levels and she is prepared to help those who wish to enhance their own leadership skills so that they operate from a position of power rather than powerlessness.

Kitty is a veteran teacher leader as a public school teacher and library media specialist. She has always committed herself to the highest professional standards, and she has served as a role model and spokesperson for her colleagues for over 20 years. Having sought and achieved National Board Certification in 2003, Kitty renewed her National Board Certification and were certified through 2023.

Kitty has spoken to many groups as a public speaker and presenter including numerous community groups, PTA assemblies, and local and state teacher conferences. She has a record as a plain-spoken advocate for teachers, public education, and the children who attend public schools and cannot speak up for themselves.

Kitty believes fervently in the power of equal opportunity and believes that teachers must take a stand against the movement toward privatization, school vouchers, and other efforts to diminish the public system that has been sweeping the country in recent years.

Kitty’s accomplishments include having earned two Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership in addition to having achieved National Board Certification in Library Media.

In addition to her academic achievements, Kitty is a Life Strategies and Stress Management Coach, and she is a Licensed Science of Mind Practitioner. You can learn more about her by perusing her website that can be found at http://www.teachersintransition.coachesconsolecom.

Kitty lives in Glen Allen, VA, a suburb of Richmond, VA less than two hours from Washington, DC with her longhaired dachshund, Bernie.

She is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the International Coach Federation of Greater Richmond; the National Speakers Association of Virginia (NSA-VA); and Toastmasters International.

Call Kitty at 804-404-4575 today for a confidential consultation.  Or email her at admin@teachersintransition.com. 

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