Don’t Forget to Vote Today

Photo by Shutterstock

Photo by Shutterstock

My message today is short and relatively sweet. Please go vote today.

I won’t suggest for whom you should vote…this is not a political message other than it is a reminder that voting is a privilege that we have as Americans and too few of us use.

It is embarrassing to me when I hear that fewer than half of Americans who have the right to vote actually use their right on any given election day.

I know it is easy to be cynical about politics. It is easy to ask, “What does it matter?” It is easy to talk about “throwing the bums out” and fail to note the importance of any given candidate’s performance.

But let’s not forget that millions of men and women have died for our country. They gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could continue to live in a free and democratic society. We owe it to them to vote today.

Regardless of your political affiliation, do the one thing you can do for our collective democracy today. Go vote. Know the issues. Know the candidate’s positions on the issues. Make a rational decision, but VOTE. Please.

That’s all. Have a great day. And have a great week.

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