I Wish More People Realized This

I just ran across an article entitled, “Teachers ‘Persist Where Others would Lose Hope.'” The article can be found here.

The article is written by Isabel Song, a high school junior in Colorado Springs, Colorado and it was posted in “Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable,” a part of Education Week Teacher. 

Isabel recognizes how hard teachers work and how thankless the job seems to be. “Teachers do not receive the amount of recognition they deserve, especially in America,” she writes.

I sure wish more people recognized this simple truth. Most of the teachers I know are working relentlessly every day to make a difference in the lives of the children they teach. Yet, while more and more is added to their plates, fewer and fewer people even think to stop and say “thank you,” much less offer any recognition.

Isabel gets it. She is only a junior in high school. What is making it so hard for everyone else to get?



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