About This New Blog

Hello! Welcome to my new blog, “Teachers in Distress.” I have been considering launching an independent blog for a while thinking that I needed another vehicle for reaching out to my “tribe” which is made up of teachers…teacher leaders, teachers in distress and teachers in transition. I have a whole brochure style website over at http://www.teachersintransition.com that you are welcome to peruse at your leisure. I also have a LinkedIn discussion group that I moderate that is also entitled, “Teachers in Distress.” I recently learned, however, that it was best (according to experts who know more about this sort of thing than I) that the best use of a blog is to have it posted separately from my website. I had never thought of that, but I decided to take the advice of the experts, so here I am.

I am going to be playing around for the next few days getting comfortable with this particular format and approach, so I hope you will be patient and kind in these early days. It is my intention that I will be bringing you high end content on all things related to teachers, education policy, and my thoughts on the need to save and preserve public education.

I will share posts from other bloggers that I follow, and I hope you will choose to participate by adding your thoughts and comments in the comment section.

The ground rules are these for anyone wishing to leave a comment. If you disagree, that is fine, but there is no call for anyone being disagreeable, rude or disrespectful. I reserve the right to take down, disapprove and otherwise block comments that are rude, disparaging or unkind whether they be directed to me or any of the commenters who have taken the time to weigh in on a topic.

That being said and those being the ground rules, I look forward to frank, candid, and informed debate.

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